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The Church (or church movement), is the historical movement that arose from the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth.

  • In the Greek version of the Old Testament, the word ekklesia was used to render the Hebrew qahal, which denoted the gathering of people for worship.
  • The first mention of a term similar to what we know as church is just after the Lord delivered the congregation of Israel (The Church Traditional) through the miracle and OVERTAKING at the Red Sea in:

His Truth Is Marching On! – Archbishop Joshua Paul

International Cathedral Of The Holy Apostles – “The CHURCH Without Walls!”
2012-2013 The Christians’ Year Of Ecclesiastic Transformation     “ANSWERING DESTINY’S CALL!”,

The “Christian Church UNITED”!

Promised Land Ministries – Metro Washington DC

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HCOC – Joint Session 2011

HCOC – Joint Session 2011.